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"Any member of the Jewish community" (Newspaper clippings 4)

"Epstein Withdraws From Passion Play Following Censure"
New York Times, November 21, 1966.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews adopted a resolution strongly condemning "any member of the Jewish community who in any way and for any consideration" is associated with the proposed production in Britain of the Oberammergau Passion Play.

Tonight, on the heels of this condemnation by the authoritative organization of British Jewry, a statement came from NEMS Enterprises, Ltd., that it was no longer acting as the agent for the production of an adaptation of the play in Britain and the United States.

The entrepreneurs Philip Solomons, Vic Lewis and Brian Epstein, who are all Jewish, are connected with NEMS Enterprises. Mr Epstein, manager of the Beatles, said tonight that he would withdraw totally. Under no circumstances, he said, would he or his organization wish to give offense to Jewish communities here or elsewhere in the world.


The resolution of the Board of Deputies of British Jews followed a call by the American Jewish Congress on Thursday for a world boycott of the Passion Play.

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