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Obituaries (Newspaper clippings part 3)

From the New York Times, August 28, 1967:

"One did everything. One worked very hard. One shouted from the rooftops about the group when there was no enthusiasm for groups. People thought you were mad, but you went on shouting."

In these words, Mr. Epstein explained once to a reporter how he had helped the Beatles rise from relative obscurity to world fame.

The brash, pink-cheeked, energetic young man was in many respects as much a gee-whiz success story as the Beatles themselves.

From the Times, August 28, 1967:

Brian Epstein was essentially a gentleman businessman, a gentle amateur among the Tin Pan Alley wheeler-dealers. He was in no sense a ruthless businessman, as many have imagined. He relied on his word rather than the contracts. For example, he himself never signed the contract which made him manager of the Beatles. He felt their mutual regard for each other was enough.

Perhaps now and again he worked on intuition and feeling, a quality he shared with the Beatles, which made it difficult for outsiders to follow his mind exactly. But in all his dealings he was completely honest and trustworthy. By his presence and success in the pop world he not only transformed its power and stature, he made it more respectable.

Despite the fact that the Beatles stopped touring last year and in some senses began to go the wrong way--John Lennon acting in a film, Paul McCartney writing the music for a film--he and the Beatles were as close as they had ever been. He shared all the developments in their interests and in their music.

It was a friendship based not just on his being their manager. He was part of them. He believed in their talent, that it was something absolutely unique of its kind, and their success gave him constant pleasure, as did the success of all his artists. He had a great zest for life, he lived in style and with style, but yet he remained natural and unaffected by his power and by his fame in a world where such fame tends to turn heads.
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