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"But did he earn his reputation?" (Newspaper clippings part 2)

"Beatles-Epstein Tie A Mutual Discovery"
By Derek Taylor
Washington Post, September 4, 1967.

It wasn't so much a case of Brian Epstein discovering the Beatles as of the Beatles discovering Brian Epstein... Paul McCartney told me a year ago, "You know, it was really us who found him." He didn't intend to diminish the skillful, tactful manipulations of Epstein as dedicated Beatles-protector, guide and negotiator, but rather to show that things are not always what they seem.

Myth has it that the Beatles were struggling and unknown in Liverpool, and Epstein was the eagle-eyed talent scout. The truth is that when the five met, the Beatles were much mismanaged local heroes already discovered by a number of opportunities and by the youth of two seaports in two nations. But nobody at all had discovered Brian Epstein, least of all Epstein himself.


Brian was a difficult man to befriend for, unless he chose to be otherwise, he came across with little warmth or charm, though if he felt secure enough not to be harmed, compromised or cheated, he had an abundance of goodwill, charisma and much humour besides.


[1964] was the flowering of Epstein, who became a man able to live with himself, able to enjoy the fulfillment of an ego battered and confused in childhood.

How did he gain the acclaim which--in normal showbiz terms--was disproportionate to the role as manager (no matter how successful the performer) and how did he earn his fame?

It's easy to explain how he gained the acclaim, for all of us who were involved with the Beatles received some adulation no matter how random the reason. The Beatles became so massively famous that the urge to touch them, the desire to possess some tiny fragment of them, extended beyond the Beatles to those who, by dint of employment (whether as publicist, chauffeur, cook or chambermaid) were near to them.

But did he earn his reputation and if so, how?
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