Nemperor (nemperor) wrote in mrbrianepstein,

"A disc of real merit" (Newspaper clippings part 1)

A letter to the Times, July 20 1966.

"Sir--, Reading a column about the pop world (July 16) in a newspaper like yours is almost as pleasant an experience as going to a recording studio and seeing a record being made by a talented pop artist. It is so realistic and far away from the ephemeral 'fave rave' world which pop tends to savour.

It is, however, my experience, contrary to the general belief which even injected itself into your column, that it is not entirely true that singles only become favourites through highly commercialized exposure to the public. I believe that a disc of real merit, and here I mean, of course, one that genuinely appeals to the public buying such discs, will become a hit through just the minimum of plays on either the recognized or pirate wavelengths. And it is not difficult to obtain play for a disc of such merit even without the pressure of interested parties.

Possibly, this sounds somewhat puristic and, in any event when I am concerned with a record my organization will pull out all the stops in order to promote. And such promotion will undoubtedly contribute to the artist generally. However, hit for hit, that is my belief.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Epstein

Hille House, 9 Stafford Street, W.1., July 18."
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