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The Fifth Beatle movie

Well, I know I'm new to the fandom, but even so I'm excited about this movie that we've been promised. I've been pondering my wish list, so I thought I would share with you my ideas about what I'd like to see and what I wouldn't like to see.

I want an actor who can capture equally the charm and style of Brian Epstein along with his insecurities and vulnerabilities. He has to have the confidence necessary to draw the Beatles along to stardom and yet that diffidence that is so clear in his interviews. It's a tall order. eppylover's post about John Simm has definitely convinced me that he would be a good choice, but I would be equally happy to see a young unknown actor. My emphasis is definitely on "young," because I think that's an important part of the Brian Epstein puzzle. A manager in his mid-to-late thirties talking about "the boys" would seem like... just not the right dynamic. So, not too old and also not too skinny, if you please.

I want a movie that is balanced, not in the sense of being an objective documentary, but in the sense of providing a picture of its main character as a well-rounded person. It would be easy to make a movie that was either a hagiography or a gossipy hatchet-job. The interesting thing about Brian Epstein is that many of the things that made him great were also the things that made him miserable in the end. Somehow that needs to come across.

I *don't* want a movie that simply hits all of the highlights of his life. Too many biopics are merely a recitation of the "greatest hits" of their subject's life, and they end up being completely shapeless and pointless as a result. Obviously there are scenes that I'd like to see (getting high with the Beatles and Dylan; getting thrown off the plane in Manila; things like that), but I'd be happy to sacrifice them if it meant that the movie would make more of an artistic whole as a result. Focus is needed as well as a recognition of the complexities of the man's life. Oddly, though, it is often easier to get across a subtle message by focusing down on a few things rather than by shallowly touching on everything.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, for what they're worth. I have this terrible habit of trying to write screenplays in my head, so you never know, you may hear more from me yet.
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