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>> Warning: huge pix -- 1966 Detroit Concert

I was there in 1966 when Brian's Boys played Olympic Stadium in Detroit...

 Photo taken by Lezlie's friend Carole, last name forgotten! Her little basement bedroom was wallpapered from floor to ceiling with Beatles pictures!!!

The above pic was taken by a friend who had bought, far in advance, a seat on the main floor by the side of the stage... Notice who is at the far right! No, it's not Brian. *sigh*

Outside Olympia Stadium in Detroit, August 13, 1966

... at the same 1966 Detroit concert that I and two friends attended.

Lucky bitch went to every Beatles concert that they played
in both Detroit and Chicago!

So she enjoyed stage-side status... while we three had to sit...

The Eppylover took this photo herself! Credit Whores, Bow To Christine (the former) Ignasiak!

... in the balcony behind the stage...

I spent most of the concert searching for Brian with binoculars.
No luck. The only Beatle-related person I recognized there was Mal.

Maybe, just maybe I was breathing the same air as Brian ...

... awww, him were such a cute thang ...


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